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How it works

Your trade customer selects a blind and fabric before specifying the width, drop, controls, etc. BlindWebShop then calculates a price including any upcharges. At checkout your customer can request an express delivery (at an extra charge), provide an order reference and select a delivery address.

Price tables

BlindWebShop offers a clever solution to maintaining price tables. Pricing your blinds has never been easier. Your customers can also view your price tables online.


Payments are either on account or online. For an online payment we redirect your customer to your secure hosted payment page.


Your trade customer can set their preferred blind options, e.g. a metal chain and reverse roller as standard. And you can apply upcharges to each blind option if required. You can also specify one or more order adjustments, to apply a delivery charge if the order total falls below a certain threshold for example.


BlindWebShop is easy to use, self-explanatory and works on all devices. When specifying their blinds help texts are available to your customers explaining your definitions of e.g. glass size or a forward or reverse roller.


BlindWebShop is also easy to setup and maintain. We have a test environment available for you to try. Send us an email an we will provide you with login details.

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Works on all devices